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Continence Assessment

Our experienced nurses are here to help you on your journey to independence

Lets get your continence troubles under control. 

Continence issues are an essential aspect of healthcare that affects many individuals' quality of life.

Esteem Care Services, recognizing the sensitive and complex nature of continence management, provides a comprehensive continence assessment and personalised care plan to support individuals facing these challenges. Through a dignified and professional approach, Esteem Care Services ensures that participants receive the best possible support to manage their continence needs.

The continence assessment process at Esteem Care Services begins with a detailed evaluation conducted by skilled healthcare professionals. This evaluation is designed to understand the extent of the individual's continence issues, which could range from occasional leaks to more significant incontinence. The assessment takes into account various factors, including the individual's medical history, the type and frequency of incontinence, and any underlying health conditions that may contribute to the issue.

We take the time to discuss with clients their daily routines, lifestyle, and any concerns they may have regarding their continence. Suggestions in an assessment may include strategies such as bladder training, pelvic floor exercises, and scheduled toileting to improve bladder control. Additionally, the care plan will outline the appropriate use of continence aids, such as absorbent products or catheters, if necessary.

Nutrition and hydration are also integral to effective continence care. Esteem Care Services offers guidance on dietary choices that can positively or negatively impact continence, such as the importance of fiber for bowel regularity or the effects of caffeine and alcohol on bladder function.

Esteem Care Services' approach to continence care is characterised by a compassionate and comprehensive assessment process, the development of personalised care plans, and the provision of ongoing education and support. Through these efforts, Esteem Care Services aims to enhance the quality of life for individuals dealing with continence issues, providing them with the necessary tools and support to manage their condition with confidence and dignity.

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